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The Argentina Educators Training Program (AETP) is organized to provide opportunities for cohorts of 25 teachers, principals, and superintendents who currently work in schools in Argentina to actively participate in a three-week professional development program at Ohio University, October 1-21, 2017, on its campus, in Athens, Ohio (U.S.), through a collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Argentina as the funding agency, and the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Argentina (Fulbright Commission) and the American Councils for International Education, as the implementation agencies.

            The educators from Argentina will receive a 40 hour professional development seminar during a period of three weeks, including 40 hour seminar and 60 hour internship to job-shadow their counterparts in local K-12 schools in Ohio. The seminar and the internship will be organized by qualified and experienced faculty/staff of Ohio University. Additionally, Ohio University has arranged home hospitality for the educators, as well as cultural enrichment and civic engagement activities, meetings with various education related organizations in Ohio and the United States.

            Ohio University will provide the Argentinian educators a rich professional growth opportunity to develop projects with their counterparts in the U.S. K-12 internship schools that can promote new and innovative global contents for their classroom, school, and community in Argentina. The presence of the Argentinian educators on the campus of Ohio University and in Ohio will contribute to cross-cultural understandings for faculty, staff, and students of both Ohio University and partner schools.

The visiting educators are K-12 level school principals, curriculum directors, and teachers with five or more years of classroom experience in disciplines including English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English language arts, social studies, civics, geography, and mathematics and science. The majority of the participants are fluent in English.  However, several participants have very little English language proficiency.


Professional Development


Participants will attend formal seminars on topics related to curriculum, instruction, and leadership, specifically designed for AETP program participants. The curriculum of the seminars includes the following:

  • General introduction to the U.S. education system;
  • Student-centered transversal competences and competence-based curriculum design;
  • General and subject-specific student-centered teaching methodologies;
  • Teaching towards global competencies and 21st century skills;
  • Culturally-responsive pedagogy;
  • Problem-based and project-based teaching and learning;
  • Interdisciplinary teaching and learning,
  • Use of technology for teaching purposes;
  • Instruction and assessment methodologies;
  • School leadership role in building school climate and environments that support teaching and learning of 21st century skills as well as data driven decision-making.




The Argentinean educators will have full-day programs throughout their stay in Ohio. We are grateful for receiving the support of the Chillicothe, Federal Hocking, Galia, Marietta, and Nelsonville-York school districts, that accepted to let the visiting educators job shadowing their teachers and school principals.


Civic and Cultural Activities


The visiting educators will be exposed to American culture and society through a wide range of cultural and civic activities. During their program, educators will also be engaged in American cultural activities, visit American homes and nearby cities. They will tour different community centers and meet with non-profit organizations. They will also participate in civic/volunteer opportunities as well as activities specifically related to the U.S. education system such as PTA meetings, school board meetings, and in service-learning opportunities.


Action Plan


The visiting educators will develop action plans to implement when they return to Argentina.



For more information:


Dr. Emmanuel Jean-Francois
AETP Project Director

Coordinator- Comparative and International Educational Leadership (CIEL) 

Coordinator- Doctoral Program in Educational Administration
Ohio University
 302T McCracken Hall, Athens OH 45701


Dr. Charles L. Lowery
Project Leader
Coordinator of Educational Administration Masters Programs
302C McCracken Hall
1 Ohio University 
Athens OH 45701-2979 



302T McCracken Hall
Ohio University, College of Education
Athens, Ohio 45701

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